Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Beach

We have only taken Lizzy to the beach twice, including today. Partly because Damon and I both have to be there and one of us isn't a fan of the beach. The sand gets in everyones nook and cranny which spreads to all over the house. We had planned to just take her, get some photos then split. But, we went early enough so it wasn't too hot so we stayed for a bit. We still had sand everywhere....including my bed????

One thing that Lizzy likes is listening to toddler songs on Pandora. So I put my iPhone in a freezer bag and she loves it.

Yea, we did get looks of looks and stares. People are curious and we get that. I don't want to say that we were a specticle but it seemed like all eyes were on us. I was okay with it. She would squeal and we would say, "wow Lizzy, must be a good song!" Yes, she scared a few with her spontanous squeals.

We are thankful for her tolerance of the heat. When we left after two hours, she was baked! We must have done pretty good with the sunscreen because she no evidence of even being in the sun! I am a completely different story. I make sure everyone had some on and forgot about me. OUCH!

Lizzy is enjoying her summer. The J.O.Y. school has been wonderful again this summer. I'm so amazed by this church and the outreach. This is the 28th year for this school! The community donates financially to this outreach and it touches so many families. There are adults that attend. My guess is that they have been attending for years and years probably since they were children. We are blessed to have a program that can take my child and give me some time to spend with my other children this summer.

I pray that you are having a wonderful summer. God bless!

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TeamHodgins said...

Sounds great!! Now Take care of that sub burn doll! ;~}


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