Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On the Verge

Thank you all for your continued and constant support.  You have been amazing.  We also know that you love our Lizzy and want to know how she is so we will keep you all in the loop.  Continue to pray for us as a family please.

Lizzy is on Valium and needed a refill.  I called it in and knew it could take a full day to get it.  I still had a couple days on it so we were good.  Plenty of time.  Lizzy is on Medicaid and they are pretty firm on filling controlled substances every 30 days and not before.  I got a call that it was too soon to fill it.  I called down to neurology and told them we would need a new script for it anyway due to needing a 1/2 tablet more at night.  Plus, I needed the neurologist to write a script for pain medicine. I didn't think the over the counter meds were strong enough.  Her hip was hurting still.  I was told Wednesday that writing a new script for the valium was no problem but would have to talk with the doctor when he came in that afternoon.  Great.  We ran out of valium Saturday and we had our first seizure since taking it.

I didn't stop and take a picture when I walked in.  I dropped to my knees and prayed for her.  It lasted longer than I expected.  I am used to her having seizures but I will never get used to the feeling of being helpless to my daughter.  I. Can't. Do. Anything. To. Stop. A. Seizure. 

When she was finished, I was so angry.  I have received no phone call from the doctor.  I understand he is a very busy man and there are lots of children who are patients of that clinic.  BUT, my kid is different.  We came into the clinic with a hip OUT OF PLACE and you admitted that she has been overlooked over the years.  Do you really want to skip over this child again?  Apparently, yes, because I called Monday morning at 8:30 to a surprised nurse. Apologizing and telling me she was going to take care of this.  I called back at 4:00 furious.  Lizzy hasn't slept very well and has been in pain and now I'm ready to spit fire!!  Bonnie (the nurse) is upset because I'm angry and taking it out on her but remains calm with me and lets me abuse her verbally.  Then she says "I'm not sure what happened here, I know he is on vacation this week...."  She is still talking and it's all mumbling because all I heard was that this professional went on vacation without taking care of his patients before leaving.  Well, I hope you have a wonderful vacation.  I know you need and deserve it but when you get back, you are going to have to deal with the wrath of this mother.  

Now what? She is his nurse and now has to take care of this mess because her boss took off for the week.  I get it and understand he probably had this vacation planned.  Sure, I understand.  But I called and was diligent with her medicines last week giving plenty of time for refills.  She had to call the on call neurologist who had to take a couple hours to review her records and come to a decision.  Thank you for being thorough but by the time I picked up her medicine, it was 9:00pm.  Too late for Lizzy.  

I hate that stuff like this happens.  I know the whole hip situation screams negligence.  I know that.  If neurology had connected us up with orthopedics years ago, we wouldn't have this situation.  I know this is what a lot of you are thinking because I am thinking it too. 

So here we are on Wednesday.  Let's see how Lizzy is.

Praise God for her wanting to get up on her knees and wrestle with momma.

I did get a call back from her physical therapist that worked with her years ago.  Her name is Christy and she is a Christian woman who love the Lord.  She was instrumental in getting Lizzy to walk at 7 years old.  She would sings all the songs I would to Liz.  Sunday school songs.  All of them for the entire hour of therapy every week.  I love and respect her and her opinion tremendously.  So when she called and said I don't feel comfortable working with her at this point with her being in pain, I said "thank you."  I am not really sure how PT twice a week for 6 weeks is going to help.  We have to get the hip back into place first. So on her recommendation, I called another hospital.  I think God knows our breaking point because I was there when I called.  On the verge, I called and was able to get Lizzy in for an appointment on August 14th.  They have a clinic four hours away, so we will spend a night or two.  I didn't mean to be in tears but I really couldn't control it.  I tried to stay strong and it just came across like I was incompetent.  I finally broke and I know the Lord placed the perfect person on the other end.  Compassionate. I felt blessed.

I did apologize to Bonnie and explained where I was emotionally with Lizzy and she remembered us when we were there back in June.  So I think I good with Bonnie now.  I am not sure if I am going to keep our August 27th appointment there.  It would really be to just shred the doctor and I don't think that would benefit anyone so......I may cancel it.  Or not!  They will wonder where Lizzy is and call to check on her.  Is she ok? Has she sought a second opinion?  Oh no! Yeah, that won't happen.  I'll cancel it.  

We have increased the valium and she is no longer on 2 alieve twice a day. I have learned that every doctor is different and feels like their recommendation trumps all others.  Aspirin (325 mg) throughout the day.  Says it is more gentle on her stomach.  This was the orders from the on call neurologist.  I guess if her current neurologist has an issue, he should have taken care of this before........forget it.  Move on Lisa. 

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.  Amen?

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Anonymous said...

You go tiger mom, if you need backup I'm sure you would have an army behind you those Doctors wouldn't stand a chance


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