Thursday, June 21, 2012

What If?

Would you agree that you have made an impact in someones life? Given advice that changed a person's life? Stopped someone from doing something that might have caused them harm? Even something as simple as holding the door for someone or giving up your seat. That may have shown a person love or compassion that they  thought didn't exist anymore. What if you never existed or was born? Would God have used someone else to impact that person's life?

I have often thought to myself, "what if Lizzy never made it at birth?" I can't tell you the number of people that tell me she has been a blessing to them. I know that she has made me grateful for many things. My big fat legs that can carry her 75 pounds around....thankful for those! My sight.....I would give her my sight in a heartbeat. I 've had many conversations just on gratefulness with others. However, I have never heard of Lizzy "saving a life" until today.

A 12 year old girl had been having trouble. Not sure of all the details, but having migraines and was put on a suicide watch list. Suicide watch is an intensive monitoring process to ensure that an individual does not commit suicide. Suicide is ending your own life. The mother of this little girl is a friend of the man that heads up our Beach Buddies program at church. He thought that if this 12 year old girl came in and became a beach buddy to one of the children (not Lizzy) that she would be impacted in someway. The one child that he had in mind was very active and full of energy. However, he was disappointed because the young girl didn't seem interested.  What you will read next is verbatim from our Beach Buddies director.

Ok here comes the awesome part, I sure hope you are sitting.

Oddly enough, my little bundle of energy had almost no effect on my friends daughter, I was really surprised. But another kid in our room did. My friends daughter had been watching Lizzy. She hit closer to home, as my friends daughter explained,“she was my age, is legally blind, and with all that CP comes with it doesn't stop her from laughing and having a good time" and it's so true, your daughter has touched so many people, I didn't think of her because she likes going for walks, dancing and as much fun as she can pack into her time with us. Her buddy also needs to be physically strong to be able to keep up with her.

SO in a nut shell, after watching Lizzy for only 2 Sundays, my friends' daughter's perspective has drastically changed. She now sees hope, but also strength to go forward. My friend's daughter was taken off the suicide watch list on Friday. I have never been so moved by an event that unfolded right in front of me. All I can say is we have one big God.

My eyes are filled with tears and I am so touched and proud of Lizzy. I have never met this girl or her mother but plan to this Sunday, I hope. Is it possible for someone who has no communication, no vision, and has cerebral palsy to really have an impact on ANYONE? So I go back to the question that I often think. What if Lizzy had never survived that birth? She and Lizzy are 12. God had a plan for Lizzy and for this girl. Even if this is the only person Lizzy will ever touch in her life, God used her. 

If God can use Lizzy, he can certainly use YOU and me. Remember, you are not worthless just because you have a disability, or may not have a job, or have no idea what your next step in life is.......he can use you. Just be willing and open to it.

God used Lizzy. A little girl that loves to shred magazines and listen to children's music. A 12 year old girl with special needs. A happy girl who will soon be a teenager! 
God bless.


Crystal McClure said...

God will continue to use Lizzy. I have no doubt. I know sometimes the road gets tough. Never give up! I want you to know that I think of you and Lizzy often and you always bring a smile to my face. Love you both'

Anita Howell said...

I absolutely love this post ..... And you!!! Excellent!!!!!

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

our God is amazing!


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