Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I never knew her. I only knew her momma through facebook and CP Family Network. All I know is that she is finally home. Danielle was 27 and she is finally home.

Her momma took care of her for 27 years. 27 years of diaper changes, feedings, and sleepless nights. I can't imagine how many nights in those 27 years, she was on her knees in prayer. God bless you Lee!

Lizzy can scare me at times. She will throw up for no reason. Have a big seizure out of the blue. Cry when I am sitting right next to her. My reaction is horrible. I always think, "well this is it, something is happening to her and I'm gonna lose her." WOW! I am such a pessimistic when it comes to Lizzy. From the way people look at her to what I think people might be thinking. It's so exhausting. I would like to think that I am not like this ALL THE TIME, but I am positive (hey, there it is....optimisim) it's only with Lizzy. 

When Damon took Emily and Jack to Disneyworld, it was just Lizzy and me. I was able to give her so much attention. I have fallen in love with her again. She just loves to sit.....next to me. Just sit. We did it for an hour. I started to focus on how much she meant to me and what she COULD do. I was so content. While we sat for that hour, she  had a seizure. I just kept telling her she was a big girl and could handle it. Wow....I need to remember that the next time I become Lisa the Pessimistic:-) I'm a big girl and can handle this because God gave her to me and promised that he would not give me anything I couldn't handle. 

School is out! Lizzy will be attending a summer program three days a week. I am so excited that she can continue to laugh with friends and be stimulated with activities she won't have here. It is called the J.O.Y. School and Pawley's Island Presbiterian Church offers this progam to children with disabilities FREE! 

Lizzy is doing great. Happy and healthy! 

Lizzy loves to shred magazines! The sound and the way it feels. She will shred it until they are the tiniest pieces. It also gives me time to get some things done. 

Happy girl!

God Bless.

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